Joy Randolph

I'm Joy Randolph, a mother of 3 girls and the Founder and CEO of MatriWell.

       My mission is to provide every mother around the globe with the vital support they've consistently sought but never been able to access.

My goal is to transform every mother's phone into a digital support system, providing instant access to life-changing guidance whenever you need it. So that no mother feels alone and unsupported as she navigates the ups and downs of motherhood.

ME with my 3 daughters aged 5, 2 AND 6 MONTHS


We all know a mother who has struggled behind closed doors.

               Whether it's a pregnant friend overwhelmed by frightening news at the doctor's office. A new mother who is up all night with a colicky baby. A mother suffering from postpartum depression unrecognised by those around her. Another is trying painfully to breastfeed without support. Or a working mom who keeps missing school emails about key events amidst the chaos of her busy life.

Though we know these struggles are common, little has been done to address them.

Instead, life has only gotten tougher for mothers. Rising living costs force many to work out of necessity, not choice. Schools demand more from children but offer less support. Grandparents are less involved than ever. Nurseries are shutting down and childcare options are decreasing. And the medical support during and after childbirth is woefully inadequate.

It might seem these challenges are beyond our control, but I believe there's a better way—a new way to support mothers in this modern society.

Mothers are asking for help, some even crying out for it. Though every mother and family is unique, their needs are simple: "Give me the support I need, when I need it."

I am committed to this mission: to provide mothers with the support they need, exactly when they need it. My goal is to make the support all mothers need, accessible to every mother, from pregnancy through postpartum and beyond.

More About Me

the actions i'm taking to drive change


  • At MatriWell, we're building MothersPA—a must-have digital personal assistant for every mother. It gives you instant access to the personalised support you need, every stage of your motherhood journey.
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Collaborating With
A Dream Team

  • Mothers don’t want unhelpful advice. They need solutions that truly make a difference. That’s why, as CEO, I'm hiring and partnering with the leaders in technology and pregnancy and postpartum research, assembling a dream team of A players who know how to best care for mothers.

Growing A Nurturing Community

  • Babies aren't the only ones who need nurturing. Mothers do, too. That's why MatriWell doesn't just create a personal assistant for mothers; it also creates an empathic, nurturing community so mothers can discover relatable stories, know they're not alone, and find ways to nurture and feel like themselves again.